Sizing & Care

KIYL Sizes

Sizes Centimeters Inches
S – 6 ⅞ 55 cm 21 ⅝ in.
M – 7 ⅛ 57 cm 22 ⅛ in.
L – 7 ⅜ 59 cm 23 ¼ in.

Measuring your head

Use a sewing tape to measure around your head, where you would normally have your hat sit. If you do not have soft tape to wrap around your head, use a string or shoe lace, and measure the length. 

If you have your hat sit traditionally, we recommend keeping it at a finger length above the ears, and an inch above the forehead. Make sure the tape is not too tight, as a tight fitting hat can cause discomfort while wearing for longer periods of time. We recommend sizing up if you are in between.


We recommend storing your hat by hanging it on a wall, or letting it sit upside down on it’s crown on a flat surface to help keep its shape. 

Do not keep your hat stored under direct sunlight. If your hat gets wet, remove excess water and let it dry naturally. Prolonged periods of heat or moisture can change or cause damage to your hat. 

If your hat needs a cleaning, gently brush it counter clockwise with a soft, bristle brush. You may also use a lint roller or tape to clean up any dust. Spot clean your straw hat with water using a gentle cloth.

We do not recommend stuffing our hats in a suitcase for travel. If your brim loses its shape or stiffness, you can go over the brim with a steam iron on a clean, flat surface. Once you apply steam and pressure to the brim, allow the hat to dry completely on the flat surface before moving.